How Much Does a Baby Grand Piano Cost? A Detailed Guide

Just because of its small length, do you think a baby grand piano will cost you peanuts?

Absolutely not!

“The entry-level price of baby grands starts from $10,000 and goes as high as $100,000 depending upon which brand you chose along with other quality features.”

Does that mean, you should not buy a baby grand piano?

Of course, not!

The staggering price tags of some exceptional baby grand pianos do not mean you can’t find cheaper options.

Especially when it comes to kids, the prices may fall to as low as $500, and that’s pretty much acceptable for a kid who wants to learn to play the piano.

To cut the long story short, today we are going to answer how much does a baby grand piano costs in detail with some useful insights.

Take a look!

How Much Does a Baby Grand Piano Cost in 2023?

Talking about the professional baby grand pianos first, their cost starts at as low as $10,000 to as high as even $100,000 in some cases. The used pianos, on the other hand, could start from as low as $5000. When we talk about beginner or kids’ baby grand pianos, you can expect them to fall within a price tag of under $500.

With these general price tags already mentioned, we’ll now see how the costs vary when we talk about different brands and their models.

Are Used Baby Grands Worth Your Money?

Whenever you are in the market to make a baby grand piano purchase, you’ll get double-minded as to whether go for a newer model or a used one.

It all comes down to how professional you are when it comes to assessing the quality of a baby grand.

Marketplaces such as Craigslist and Wish are flooded with used models. However, you’ll need to be agile enough to know whether they’d provide any advantage to you or not.

What we recommend in that case is to hire an expert pianist or a piano technician and let them check the quality of the used baby grand piano you are about to purchase.

The usual cost of used baby grands ranges from $3000 to around $17,000 with a size ranging from 5 ft. to 5 ft. and 6 inches.

How much is an Entry Level Baby Grand Piano?

Entry-level baby grands have a price tag starting from as low as $7000 to as high as $20,000.

The notable mentions are from brands like Yamaha, Steinhoven, Steinway & Sons, Kawai, etc.

For instance,

Yamaha GB1 K Black Baby Grand Piano is up for grabs at around $11,000.

Similarly, the latest Steinhoven SG148 Baby Grand Piano is available for as low as $8,750.

Just like that, brands like Kawai, and Boston also have their entry-level baby grands available with a price tag of $20,000.

How much does a Mid-Level Baby Grand Piano Cost?

Mid-level models are expensive as their cost may range from above $20,000 to as high as $40,000.

For instance, the latest Yamaha C1X with a 5’6” size is up for the grabs on official Yamaha store for about $36,000.

In addition to that, a not-so-small Kawai GX-2BLK’s price starts from $40,000. We do not consider it a baby model though because it has a size of about 5 ft. and 11 inches.

The mid-level pianos are for the professionals who want to not only play the instrument but get mesmerized by it too.

Such models have properly weighted keys with a balanced musical set up to ensure a soothing sound or a melody whenever a user plays it.

How much does a High-Level Baby Grand Piano Cost?

When you increase your range from $40,000 to $100,000, you will see an exceptional range of grand baby pianos at your disposal,

The latest Steinway Model S, for instance, costs $64,500, and its size is under the 6 feet mark.

People who have this much budget to spend on a baby grand piano are in for a complete package as these models are robust enough to cater to the needs of professional pianists.

Whether it’s the Beethoven Symphony or Ludovico Einaudi’s Experience, you can play all sorts of melodies and tones on these exceptional high-level baby grands.

One other advantage of purchasing expensive baby grands is that their manufacturers offer warranty coverage.

In short, although it’s an expensive investment, the piano you buy will last for many years to come. Hence, you’ll be able to entertain your audience with it without any hassle.

How Much Does a Kids Baby Grand Piano Cost?

You would not believe it but the kid’s baby grand piano cost is lower than the professional ones for obvious reasons.

Starting from as low as $50 to as high as $500, you can get your kid a baby piano for learning purposes.

Don’t expect the same sound production from these low-end pianos though. They won’t offer a soothing sound, but for kids, they are a goldmine.

The Melissa & Doug Kids Piano has a price tag of about $160. On the contrary, the Schoenhut Baby Grand will cost you around $180.

Brands are also offering pianos at an extremely low price tag of less than $100, for instance, the Goplus Classical Kids Piano falls under this category.

What Factors Affect the Baby Grand Piano Cost?

Factors Affect the Baby Grand Piano Cost

Many factors contribute to the overall price of a baby grand piano. For instance:


Pianos come in three different size ranges. The small ones range from 5’1” to about 5’6”. They are normally called baby grand pianos.

Those with a size range of more than 5’6” to 5’12” are considered medium grand pianos.

In the meanwhile, all pianos above the range of 6 ft. are considered large grand pianos or simply grand pianos.

Size has a direct relation with the cost. The smaller grand pianos are not as expensive as compared to the full-fledged grand pianos and vice versa.

New vs Used Comparison

Though used pianos are available at dead cheap prices on marketplaces like Craigslist, they need a proper inspection.

On the other side, if we take a look at newer models, they may cost more than usual, but they have mostly got warranty coverage along with some other perks from the manufacturer.

It’s always better to hire a piano expert, especially when you want to make a deal over a used baby grand piano. This will ensure that you are getting the best option at an affordable rate that could last many years.

The Brand Impact

That’s obvious! Just like Nike and Adidas in terms of sportswear, Yamaha, Kawai, and Steinway are considered the Holy Trinity in the piano market.

Baby grands from these 3 brands will have a high cost compared to low-tier manufacturers for obvious reasons.

If you are brand conscious, you should possess the heart to spend lavishly on the models from Yamaha and Kawai.

Color Comparison

Colors such as mahogany and walnut tend to appeal more when it comes to pianos and thus models with such colors are available at an expensive rate.

Compared to that, the polished satin, ebony, and usual colors like Black and Brown might have a slightly low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are baby grand pianos worth it?

Depends on how professional you are as well as the budget you have. Compared to medium and large grand pianos, the sound is a bit harsh and louder, but that doesn’t mean baby grand pianos aren’t worth it. With 88 musical keys, robust design coupled with lavish color combinations, these babies can easily get adjusted into tighter spaces. That’s what makes them a perfect fit for a home.

How much does a new Yamaha baby grand piano cost?

When it comes to Yamaha you should always expect a high price tag. For instance, the Yamaha GB1 K Black is up for grabs at around $11,000. In addition to that, the GC1M model will cost you around $32,999.

How big of a room do I need for a baby grand piano?

When measuring the space to adjust a baby grand piano, know that you will need an extra 3 feet because that’s the place for the piano’s stool. Apart from that, an average baby grand piano size ranges from 5 ft. to 5 ft. 6 inches. So around 8 feet of extra space would be required in your room to adjust a baby piano.

Final Takeaways about How Much Does a Baby Grand Piano Cost?

Baby grand pianos are not available at a dead cheap rate until and unless you are looking for a basic grand piano for your kid.

The average price of a reliable model will range from $10,000 to as high as $50,000 and it may increase to even $100,000 when we talk about brands like Yamaha or Steinway.

That was all about a comprehensive overview of baby grand piano costs in 2023.

Explore the guide, make up your mind, and then decide whether you want a baby grand piano or not.

Good Luck Playing the Complex Symphonies on a Baby Grand Piano!

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