Best Acoustic Electric Guitars 2022 – Top Recommendations about Latest Models

Best Acoustic Electric Guitars

Die-hard guitarist and wanna try something that touches the heart? Then acoustic electric guitar is your thing to go. Best acoustic electric guitars comes with a very fine tonal stability and smashing strings to produce soothing music. Meanwhile, you can also give a shot to the best acoustic electric guitar brands

Above all, the best acoustic electric guitars are hell budget friendly. In other words, you won’t see your bank balance vanish after buying the one. For instance, it happens, then still you can earn even 10x of that once you’ve smashing electric guitar in your hand. Wooaah!

However, occasionally, even inexpensive models might show extraordinary results. Therefore, our team of experts itemized 10 top acoustic electric guitars in this article for your convenience. Let’s have a look at their amazing features as well as the dimensions. In short, it will let you make the right decision to buy a good acoustic electric guitar. 

IMAGE PRODUCT Rating PRICE Gretsch Guitars G5024E – All time Favourite Best Acoustic Electric Guitar 4.9 Check on Amazon Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar 4.7 Check on Amazon
Taylor 110e 100 Series – Best Acoustic Electric  Guitar for Worship 4.8 Check on Amazon
Little Martin LX1E Best Value Acoustic Electric Guitar 4.5 Check on Amazon

1. Gretsch Guitars G5024E – All time Favourite Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

The G5024E Rancher is an extremely reasonably priced model containing an attractive Sunburst polish finish.  Moreover, it comprises good structure & arrangements as well as onboard electronics for matchless improved tone.

This best acoustic electric guitar comprises a solid & elegant top including scalloped “X” bracing & a typical Rancher triangular soundhole. It is a first-class feature that you can’t usually find on guitars at this cost. Secondly, the scalloped X is a superior touch that augments the tonal stability & projection while reducing dampening.  

Moreover, it has mahogany sides & a certain curved back. Also, the system offers a perfect and better presentation including tone, volume controls & battery life gauge.  

The Gretsch G5024E clasps the attraction due to its beautiful structure. The unique triangular soundhole sustains the appearance of imaginative ’50s Rancher guitars. Moreover, you’ll like how it enriches the previously ironic sound.

In addition, it creates a dynamic sound that would convert into even extra harmonically amusing as it ages. The attractive look satisfies the ear and catches the attention. Moreover, the integral system boosts projection and helps improve pitch & regulation enactment.


  • Pretty excellent sound
  • The best acoustic electric guitar for the money
  • Convenient battery location


  • The strings are a bit tight

2. Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar

While writing down best acoustic electric guitars, it is not possible to forget Fishman Electronics guarantees the sound is real to the gadget’s regular voice. Moreover, this best acoustic electric guitar is easy to play as well as conveys consistent performance.

It contains a glowing maple top that offers you a vibrant, cheerful tone and a blaze of boldness. Excellent covering structure including a contemporary Fender 3+3 headstock & Viking bridge generate a comfortable-playing gadget that sounds wonderful.

Being comparatively smaller in size than a dreadnought, it is best for rich expression as well as finest projection. Emerging as well as skillful performers equally would love its mahogany neck that provides the guitar a sparkling tone. Moreover, the addition of a solid maple top enhances the beauty.

Consisting of a fine-looking maple top, the FA-235E presents a wonderful Fender sound at a reasonable price. Up-to-date Fishman electronics permitting you to enjoy the exceptional sound to the desired level with luxury. 

You can find this best sounding acoustic electric guitar in 3 different appearances: Moonlight Burst, Natural & Sunburst.


  • The best acoustic electric guitar on a budget
  • Excellent look and shape
  • Perfect for beginners


  • The packaging isn’t up to the mark

3. Taylor 110e 100 Series – Best Acoustic Electric  Guitar for Worship

The 100 Series of Taylor let you enjoy a wonderful guitar playing practice. Also, this best acoustic electric guitar is one of the real wood gadgets with amazing features.

Taylor 110e  has a covering of walnut on the back & sides. On the other hand, the innovative construction offers extra volume controls & subtleties. Moreover, the people who are fond of music and want to proceed on their musical journey, this model is the best option. Not only it would speed up their progress but also it would increase their amusement.

It is comparatively low priced, but, still, it isn’t that cheap. The perfect-sounding onboard elegant tone & volume controls make it easy to play. Indeed, the 110e might not perform or sound as accurately fashioned as something from Taylor’s 900 Series, yet, it’s a gadget that means to hang on for life.

Taylor 110e acoustic guitar features a solid & neat top. Furthermore, it arrives built-in with the Expression System of Taylor. It is extremely easy to play and hold with a slim neck as well as a marginally thinner nut size for additional playing ease. 


  • The best mid-priced acoustic electric guitar
  • Excellent sound quality
  • The best option for music lovers


  • Not any

4. Little Martin LX1E Best Value Acoustic Electric Guitar 

Martin’s guitar products keep on being the priority of instrumentalists throughout the world for their incomparable quality, artistry & tone. They are handmade, maintaining the standard and they are a genuine deal, not an imitation.

Little Martin LX1E is one of the best acoustic electric guitars that comprises a smart top & high-pressure laminate (HPL) structure. Besides, the Mahogany and a warm satin finish are located on its back & sides.

Equipped with great-quality wood, Little Martin products are excellent in durability. You can enjoy playing the music in extended studio gatherings or at home parties as well.

It is the smallest guitar from Martin, however, although little in size, it is too huge in terms of quality, tone & usefulness. Moreover, it produces a great sound while you play it near the campfire or practice at your home.

Additionally, Martin’s LX1E offers enriched playability that creates a more pleasant playing experience, no matter what skill level you have. You can use it as the best guitar for teens, kids, or grown-ups who need a solid sound guitar to use for years. 

The beautiful appearance catches the attention of the people around you. This guitar model contains supportable wood-certified fragments. Also, a tenon & mortise neck joint, standard narrowing neck, non-scalloped X-Brace & chrome-fenced tuners, make its appearance more fascinating.

Furthermore, the acoustic electric guitar presents the typical design, specialized and excellent sounds that you can enjoy anywhere.

No matter if you’re enjoying bluegrass, rock, folk, country, or jazz, this guitar model won’t disappoint you at any level.


  • Professional sound quality
  • The small size makes it ideal to take on travel
  • The best beginner acoustic electric guitar


  • Some users found the sound awful

5. Epiphone Songmaker DR-100 – Best Mid Priced Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Songmaker DR-100 is another best acoustic electric guitar. It comprises the excellent sound quality, structure, and look that most players & experts suppose while purchasing an Epiphone.  

It is a nicely constructed model that has a first-rate elegant top & mahogany frame & neck. Moreover, this gadget exemplifies Epiphone’s concentration on inexpensive quality. Consequently, if you’re searching for a perfectly reasonably priced acoustic guitar or looking for a gift, this is the finest bet.

The tone of DR-100 would develop with time as the wood develops. Besides, its playability is wonderful, cheers to SlimTaper neck contour. It is neither very thick nor very thin that’s perfect for an extensive range of playing styles. The little stroke fretboard ensures a comfortable changeover and easy-to-use electric guitar. 

So, the DR-100 electric guitar is one of the best choices for beginners, students, and teenagers. Also, it has a feel which you never like to give up. It comprises a sturdy construction and looks like a guitar of 2 or 3 times the rate.

Moreover, it generates a dense & full dreadnought sound. Having a slim neck and less price encourages you to get it as a fresh hobby.


  • Excellent sound
  • Nice packaging
  • The best option for beginners and teenagers


  • Not any
  • Not align for all music types

6. Ibanez AEG62 6-String – Best Acoustic Electric Guitar for Country Music

Equipped with a beautiful design, the Ibanez AEG62 symbolizes an extension of the general AEG series. With a thin body depth, this thinner guitar is lightweight as well as easy to use. 

Being in the list of best acoustic electric guitars it comprises an excellent structure that results in an amusing and dynamic midrange. A slim neck & walnut fingerboard delivers comfortable playability & response.

The simple & small preamp tuner with LCD contains just 2 control grips, shape & volume. This tone control delivers normal acoustic sound in the middle location. It lets you regulate the tone easily as well as allows you to go from fat, low & powerful tones to a lively & crunchy sound. 

Additionally, the preamp allows you to twist your intensified sound to ensemble different styles. The slimmer body style of this acoustic guitar is not only easy to play but also retains response at bay while switched in. Besides, the small size excludes the boominess you acquire from large body guitars.


  • Wonderful sound
  • Beautiful design and construction
  • Slimmer body


  • Needs the neck adjustment

7. Epiphone Hummingbird PRO – Best Rated Electro-Acoustic Guitar

The Hummingbird Pro is improved through its Fishman Sonitone preamp & Sonicore spontaneous organism. Moreover, the appearance of the Hummingbird Pro is nothing more than typical. 

This best acoustic electric guitar features a compact spruce top that’s supplemented with a mahogany body to certify a good-looking, humming tone. 

Spruce is a fine & compound tonewood that starts to respire as well as advance with time. Besides, it sounds better while you play more. 

The body & neck comprise select mahogany that ensures easy playing. However, Grover 14:1-ratio tuners retain the Hummingbird Pro definitely in tune. The neck has a classic SlimTaper D profile & a 24.75″ scale, which also is joined to its body with a glued-in joint. 

The rosewood fingerboard contains Pearloid rectangle pieces. Of course, this six-cord acoustic electric guitar is straightaway noticeable, both in appearance & deep sound.

The Hummingbird Pro embodies admirable artistry among the best types of typical acoustics. Immediately distinguishable by the finish of Faded Cherry Sunburst. Furthermore, an elegantly decorative pickguard supplements that ultimate touch of excellence. 


  • Excellent guitar with amazingly good price
  • Easy adjustments with preamp
  • Easy to play


  • Needs constant tuning

8. Yamaha 6 String Series A3M Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar

Made for the brilliant performance acoustic guitar, the A-series of Yamaha ensures the perfect quality in terms of excellence. Moreover, it has a natural & vibrant tone with the innovative SRT2 spontaneous system. The fresh A-Series guitars by Yamaha feature a conventional neck taper & hand-rolled fingerboard controls. 

This best acoustic electric guitar makes it easy to play even by beginners and teenagers. Yamaha A3M has a pure, antique quality tone that makes it sound like you are playing it for years. The A-Series comprises a simple and customary design that arrests the warmth of the wood as well as delivers a stylish look. 

Moreover, it contains Elixir NANOWEB Bronze cords which provide a dynamic tone & long life. The slimmer neck makes it a pleasure to play as well as enhances your enjoyment of music practice at home or at some party.

Mahogany & Rosewood models present a harmonious tone from high to low. However, mahogany offers a warm, concentrated mid-range by a fast response.

On the other hand, A-series delivers a fresh sound that is stronger & louder in the low-mid collections. 

Yamaha A3M has a pure, antique quality tone that makes it sound like you are playing it for years.


  • Great acoustic sound
  • The slim neck makes it easy to hold and play
  • An excellent guitar for the price


  • Hard to play for beginners
  • Not align for all music types

9. Taylor 214ce Deluxe – Top Rated Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you like artistic variety, you might rely on the 200 Series by Taylor to provide you that solution. Taylor 214ce is one of the best acoustic electric guitars in terms of amazing features & popularity. 

Firstly, it features a versatile acoustic guitar frame, the Grand Auditorium. Also, it comprises a Venetian cutaway including a sharp slope with round & soft boundaries. Besides, the back contains a 3-coated Indian rosewood finish as well as a solid Sitka top. 

Additional particulars comprise a white binding, a gloss surface on the structure, and a satin texture on its neck. Moreover, it contains Italian acrylic Small Diamond pieces as well as a full-shine structure and arrives in a luxurious hardshell box.

While talking about its sound, you would feel as if you’re enjoying the sound of a dreadnought guitar. The sound is crunchy, solid & perfect. Cheers to the cutaway, you would feel more relaxed while playing it comfortably. With finger-option & flat-alternative, you can adjust the lows as well as the harmonious highs easily.

It features an Expression System 2 that captures the additional lively properties of a guitar by an innovative behind-the-scenes design. Furthermore, the Venetian cutaway has soft and round streaks. The slanting top of the cutaway differs depending on the guitar’s shape.


  • Deep, crisp & singing sound
  • Excellent quality material
  • The best acoustic electric guitar cutaway


  • Adjustments are required
  • Not align for all music types

10. LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

LAVA ME 2 is one of the top-rated acoustic electric guitars. Also, it has an all-in-one injection technology that makes it extra comfortable to grip and delivers brilliant acoustic performance. 

LAVA ME 2 offers a wide-range frequency tone being 36 inches body size. Moreover, it weighs only 3.7 pounds, which is not heavy as most laptops. Above all, it has a lighter weight as well as is easy to play with. 

You don’t need to fear the weather conditions and obviously, it produces an exceptional sound. Woods are extra expected to twist in various weather circumstances but it has a carbon fiber material. 

The FreeBoost Technology of LAVA ME pickups utilizes the back exterior of it as a speaker. You can switch on the pickups anytime & anywhere and easily play with chorus, delay & reverb without an amp. Additionally, it has a shape that is handier for humans as well as reduces the damage of shaking while playing and also has strong stability.

The Fantastic AirSonic carbon fiber material might adjust temperatures between 4°F-176°F. Also, the FlyNeck design & shape makes it the most comfortable natural guitar possible. The design of the LAVA ME 2 is smooth & gentle with specific refining. 



  • Charging port durability isn’t long term

Buyer’s Guide

There are some important factors which you must consider before going to purchase the best acoustic electric guitars. So, let’s have a brief look at them. 

Comfortable Design

Firstly, the design & the materials used to make a guitar are the 2 vital features that have the main effect on the sound of an acoustic guitar. So, you must try to get a model that has a comfortable design and durable materials. About the design, it is just the body shape of a guitar, and potentially you need to consider a lot about it. 


Generally, the larger body produces a more booming sound delivering it a richer & deeper tone. It is true for the models such as the hummingbird that comprises the big shoulders & dreadnought body style. 

On the other hand, there is a disadvantage of larger bodies as well, i.e. they’re extra burdensome & less ergonomic. Consequently, most people go for a slimmer design and structure that symbolizes the build isn’t very deep, even if it is a large-sized dreadnought form. Instead, there are slimmer designs as well, such as LAVA ME2 & Ibanez AEG62 to select from. 

Cutaway Style 

On the other hand, The cutaway is likewise very essential to consider. In a cutaway style, you can get easy access to the upper frets as you might position your hand right under them. However, its disadvantage is, a cutaway would decrease resonance as there’s less frame near the neck. 


Material is the next vital feature to consider. Of course, solid wood is commonly number one, yet laminated wood where thin wood sheets are overlapped. 

Luckily, lots of electric acoustics of the finest standard comprise a solid top.

Moreover, most guitarists consider the kind of wood very important as well. That’s why you would discover that lots of solid tops are prepared with spruce, however, mahogany is equally desirable as excellent material.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of guitar should a beginner buy?

You might learn on an electric guitar, however, generally, the acoustic guitar always. It sounds good easily as well as it is not difficult to play and learn. Generally, it’s an artless experience. A steel-stringed acoustic guitar is one of the best beginner guitars.

2. Are smaller guitars easier to play?

You simply need to consider the scale length. Of course, small-sized guitars are easier to hold and play. They comprise a small scale length as well as much handier frets, thus, it’s much more comfortable to move up & down the fretboard. On the other hand, actual guitarists must be acquainted with the right technique to use all guitar sizes.

3. Can I teach myself guitar?

Yes, you can unconditionally train yourself guitar. It was difficult to learn it by yourself 20 years ago, however, currently, countless information is in all places. Conversely, getting knowledge to shred a guitar is a practice. It consumes lots of tough practice, willpower & the right technique. 

4. Are Yamaha acoustic guitars good?

Yamaha guitars deliver brilliant performance. Most guitar models of Yamaha are surpassing prominently in all pitches of performance. Equipped with exceptional designs & great-quality materials, Yamaha guitars are proficient to generate excellent sound quality.

Moreover, Yamaha acoustic guitars are the best-rated acoustic electric guitars.

5. How can I choose a good acoustic guitar?

First of all, confirm that the guitar has comfortable playability as well as is in admirable condition. Select from a laminate & dense wood top. If your budget is tight, an acoustic guitar comprising a laminate top is a good option. They are lower-priced than solid wood tops, however, they don’t shake either.


The best acoustic electric guitars come in numerous sizes & shapes. The most common among them are Dreadnought, Parlor & Grand Auditorium. All of them have their particular features, so make a decision carefully while selecting an electric acoustic guitar for you. 

Out of all the above-mentioned guitar models, in our opinion, Yamaha A3M comes in the first place. Being one of the brilliant performance guitars, it produces a natural & vibrant tone. Next, comes the Taylor 214ce Deluxe & Little Martin LX1E. These two models as well fulfill all the requirements of a music lover that he wants to have in a good acoustic electric guitar.

To sum up, I hope you find these acoustic electric guitar reviews helpful and now you can make a knowledgeable decision. If you have any queries, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We would love to answer you as soon as possible. 


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