Best acoustic electric guitar strings – Top 5 Musical Strings Your Guitar Should Have

Harmony and emotions attached to your first instrument are irreplaceable. However, you can abandon the first love but cannot trash it out. Instead, intelligent and caring souls repair the damage and try their best to fix the fault rather than throw away the instrument. 

A specific fault that arises with any acoustic-electric guitar is string breakage that eventually loses the chime. Hence, repairing the guitar must have the best guitar strings for an acoustic-electric guitar to function correctly. 

Best strings for acoustic guitar enables you to style your guitar’s tonewood and bracing pattern. You can indulge in a mesmerizing tone of the restrained guitar and experience a musical aura that you never felt before.

Priority Picks for best acoustic-electric guitar strings:


D’Addario EJ16-10P Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings:



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Elixir 80/20 Bronze POLYWEB Med Acoustic Guitar Strings:



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Ernie Ball 12 Sets 2221 Regular Slinky Strings with Picks:



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3 Sets of Elixir 16052 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings:



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Whether you need acoustic guitar strings or electric guitar strings on the acoustic-electric guitar, you must know how to use it. Hence to find out what are the best acoustic guitar strings, you look for genuine users’ reviews. Thus we tried to compact the best acoustic guitar strings reviews for beginners and experts. It will help you evaluate the final verdict about electric vs. acoustic guitar strings.

If you want to play in your natural style and with a groomed guitar, find the best acoustic-electric guitar strings for beginners to avoid financial loss and instrument loss.

D’Addario EJ16-10P Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings:

Established in 1974 and still honored today, Phosphor Bronze has become compatible with a warm, steady acoustic tone. Phosphor Bronze strings accurately weaved onto a carefully drawn, hexagonal high carbon steel core. The backwash is a long-lasting, clear-sounding tone with excellent intonation.

Inspiring Performance of the phosphorous bronze guitar strings helps you enjoy the prolonged performances and offers mesmerizing tone in the best form.

Best guitar strings for ovation acoustic electric requires high-class string gauges. The Phosphorus Bronze string set includes a phosphor bronze wound. 024,. 032,. 042,. 053 and plain steel. 012,. 016. 

Advanced and latest winding technologies with computer-aided programs make it durable and consistent guitar strings.


  • Enduring guitar strings
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Clear intonation


  • Occasional breakage

Elixir 80/20 Bronze POLYWEB Med Acoustic Guitar Strings:

Elixir is the name of quality overvalue. Chiming strings have poly web coating to resonance with balanced sound and harmonious response.

The most comfortable feel that you get from strings help you enjoy the sessions in tranquility without finger squeaks. It enhances the clarity and projectile sounds in high waves.

Although changes in temperature and humidity affect the lifespan of the strings, the protective coating prevents the effects of Corrosion.


  • Polyweb coating
  • Medium string gauge
  • Bright and clear tone


  • Polyweb coating feels

Ernie Ball 12 Sets 2221 Regular Slinky Strings with Picks:

Strings choice depends totally on the personal preferences of guitarists. It’s inevitable to prevent string damage due to humidity and temperature changes. Almost all strings have to bear the sweat from the guitarist’s fingers, and the play rage deviates the temperature to high-ends.

Whether you are a newcomer guitarist or a professional, frequent tuning is always a nightmare. However, Ernie Ball ensures the elongated tuning without recurring resonance troubles.

Indeed protection coatings help prevent CorrosionCorrosion but again, it irritates the guitarist’s fingertips. Therefore an Aluminium bronze mapping on the strings’ set resists the CorrosionCorrosion and retains natural playability. 

Ernie Ball contains 12 strings set including .010, .013, .017, .026 .036  and .046. 


  • Valuable Strings
  • Clear intonations
  • Corrosion protection without coating
  • Retain natural feel


  • Occasional Breakage
  • Slight inconsistency on strings

3 Sets of Elixir 16052 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings:

In the range of coated strings, we pick the Elixir 16052 Phosphorus Bronze. Patented coating over the lines offers the same protection as polymer coatings. However, the coating does not affect the tonal clarity and projectile resonance. 

Indeed, the best strings can last longer and function perfectly even after massive use. Supreme natural feel and protection against gunk improve the lifespan of the string. It reduces the pain of replacing the strings more often. Frequent changes are headaches for beginner guitarists as it takes time to get used to new strings.


  • Durable 
  • Prevents finger squeak
  • Balanced warmth and bright


  • Demands professional assembly

Elixir Strings 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings:

Well, the toned instrument is an essential part of nostalgic and harmonious music creation. On the contrary, faulty instruments ruin the experience completely. 

The optimum quality string helps create a long-lasting tone even after excessive use. You can play with strings for prolonged sessions without feeling your finger squeak.

Due to excessive use and temperature variabilities, the strings get clammy and receive sweaty hands that cause tone-dampening.

Ultimately, CorrosionCorrosion is the most prominent cause of strings breaking and loosening. Since Elixir Strings used anti-rust plating in featherweight coating, it became the best acoustic-electric guitar strings for beginners.

Elixir string takes pride in delivering the best sound quality irrespective of the environment and user capability.


  • Dynamic Balance of tone
  • High-end Clarity
  • Highly protected
  • Smooth and natural feel


  • Works best on preferred guitars
  • Occasional damage on A and D strings

Buying Guide:

 The availability of versatile options is not always a great thing. Instead, selecting the best out of perfect options leaves you in selection paralysis. You are confused about how to buy guitar strings to match the requirements. However, with specific fundamental guidance, you can choose the one that suits your style and needs. 

While selecting the right strings, you have to keep a few aspects in mind like the thickness of lines, built material, coatings, and mapping with durability over price. Among the several acoustic guitar strings, you can hunt the best electric guitar for acoustic guitar players.

Nevertheless, all strings are not appropriate for all kinds of guitars, but they have their preferences. Therefore, electric vs. acoustic guitar strings have different requirements to enhance the functionality of the guitar.

Generally, the range of best fender acoustic-electric guitar works well with all types of strings. But the alloyed strings are more functional for fenders as compared to coated strings.

Hence, before finalizing the purchase, evaluate top acoustic guitar strings on the following basis:

  1. String Material:

Inevitably the guitar strings have to bear the guitarist’s rage and energy to high-ends. The solid tensile strength of the material helps the string last longer and resonate harmoniously.

  1. Thickness:

A single string gauge is the thickness of the guitar string. Usually, thinner strings produce brighter sound but snap more often. However, it is most likely a feature of finger pickers. At the same time, thick strings are a strummer’s choice that creates pronounced low-end sounds. 

  1. Coating:

Corrosion and losing a fresh look are some inevitable drawbacks. Therefore coating provides essential protection against the CorrosionCorrosion of the strings. The humidity and vigorous use damage the string’s appearance and functionality. However, some guitarists prefer a natural feel and featherweight coating instead of heavier protective coatings. Nevertheless, you have to find the one which suits your playing style.


  1. What kind of strings is best for an acoustic-electric guitar?

The best options for acoustic-electric guitars are 80/20 Bronze, Phosphorus Bronze poly, and nano.

  1. What gauge are strings suitable for acoustic guitar?

The most preferred options are Elixir 80/20, Martin acoustic guitar strings, D’Addario and Ernie Ball. 

  1. Can you use electric guitar strings on an acoustic?

You can use acoustic strings on an electric guitar to resonate the sound with the first two strings. However, the other four bronze coatings aren’t magnetically reactive hence generates the signal with uneven sounds.

  1. Why do new guitar strings sound strange?

The fresh and new strings are brighter. However, to tune the sound of new strings, you need to string it enough to get the typical sound.

  1. Which one is best in electric vs. acoustic guitar strings?

There is a noticeable difference between acoustic and electric guitar strings. Both electric vs. acoustic guitar strings have varying needs and playability. In general electric guitar strings are thinner as compared to acoustic guitar strings. Consequently, the acoustic guitar produces warm and fuller sounds, whereas the electric guitar generates lighter and low-end volume. 

Final Verdict:

Best sounding guitar strings are the one that matches your style and surroundings to perform. Whether you perform at a concert or indoor, it demands several specifications depending upon the genre you are playing. However, the best acoustic electric guitar strings are the ones that can indulge you in the session without exhaustion.

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